What my Clients say

“ I first started work with Graham over 2 years ago, straight away he put me at ease and allowed me to feel comfortable and able to open up. I have tried counseling before but have never really felt the benefit, Graham’s kindness, understanding and empathy made all the difference and have allowed me to achieve my best life”. Jo, B.

“Graham was so easy to talk to from the get go. He put me at ease right away with his calm and collected demeanor. I went there with a crippling drug and alcohol addiction which I had been suffering with for over 20 years. His treatment and counselling were second to none with a professional manner. Since finishing treatment with Graham I have since overcome my demons and live a beautiful life, I am grateful for all his help”. Joe.

“A few months ago I felt I needed help, I was drowning so I reached out to Graham Cottrell Counselling and I’m so glad I did, it was amazing. For the first time ever I was being listened to with no judgement, just pure understanding. I felt free, lifted, I felt at peace and that is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you to Graham Cottrell”. Anonymous.